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- 1996
-  2003
No logo over Blues Clues-2004-CBC-3
WAND News 2004
2004 -
Late 1990's
WCFN - TV CABLE channel 3
Yeah, right.
If you have any local TV pictures of your own to contribute, let me know at:this.
In this shot, one can get a good view of - WEIU's weather "W" AND corner logo.
On this page, you can see more of what TV looked like for me, in Champaign, ILL
Signals in the air go up and down. Signals in the cable can be directed out by metal and/or made unclear by other signals and objects. Many things factor in, in reception.
Notice: The pictures here so far are either from tape taken from air or cable from one rsedence in Champaign, one in Urbana, or two in Champaign..

It is with great regret that I have no pictures taken directly from film and the black and white Zienith TV set, and Sears Roubuck 2000 set, or the  black and white Sears set.

Also, I wish I could have gotten some from all the times I got WTHI, WHOI, WLFI, WUSI, KNLC, KPLR, KDNL, WEEK...The list goes on.
At least this picture is not from one of the many times WEIU's picture rolls HERE. (Yes it has been better, and even perfect at times.) And I have just been informed as to why there is no bar and logo-like w at times. Before that, I guessed that maybe, they could not decide weather or not they liked the blue part. I can take it or leave it!

And the weather has much to do with long distance cable and over the air reception.

WEIU has the worst cable signal here for the most part. And I would not even watch it if it was just like WILL. WILL is much simpler to get here. One place in Champaign where I was part of the time, WILL was almost always perfect over air. And WEIU hasen't come in at all at that place over air.

Your lucky I even put up with WEIU's logo as much as I do.

I have never tried to make any of the local stations look bad, per-say, and am kind of dissapointed in most other TV markets in the nation. AND I am from Champaign/Urbana! I was not trying to make WEIU look bad. I just am busy and can't always get it perfect.

Can't get WCIA good at on of the places over cable or air at all. I should probably try and get a photo of that up...
Picture was not perfect.
WILL with distracting weather crawl background. 2004
Hope to add more...
Spring 2004
Yeah, that is a logo. An anoyingly transparent one. I like em' solid, and gone for most of the time, still...
WCCU- 1998?
No over picture logo...WCCU again...1994 or so.
I have never watched much TV while being in Illonios south of Champaign.

About 90% of the time, on air TV-51, only static can be seen at one of the formentioned locations in Champaign, on one set.

96, on another set. (The black and white sears.) The best place to watch WEIU without cable

And on cable, reception for WEIU is pretty good most of the time.(80% of the time its good?)

If you have any reports of reception from anywhere, please
let me know. Thank you.

I already know that I would need a better antenna...
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